Where’s Jukie?

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Where’s Jukie?

Poems & Essays by Andy Jones & Kate Duren

Praise for WHERE’S JUKIE —

Kafka called poetry the ice axe that smashes through the frozen lake of the heart. But what of the heart in a different state? In a roiling sea of grief and love, one needs a raft. If you have a child like Jukie in your life, do what I did: rest for a while on the wide planks of this remarkable, heartfelt book.
– Rebecca Foust, author of All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song, and God, Seed

Dancing from poem to essay and back again, Where’s Jukie tells the story of a remarkable American family. Kate Duren and Andy Jones find ways to celebrate amid the chaos of their life. Yes, we come to know Jukie through the stories they tell, but we come to know his parents as well; they reveal themselves through the love they share for this very special son.
– Bob Stanley, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Sacramento

The poems and essays in Where’s Jukie … are hard-won, gorgeous tributes to the gentle agonies and fierce ecstasies of raising a special needs son. … They remind us to be vigilant in our watch for the epiphanies in life’s unexpected turns and ever mindful of the ‘unwrinkled, uncreased, and unencumbered’ moments we so often take for granted.”
– Michelle Bitting

The poems [in Where’s Jukie] are gripping and filled with delicate layers of metaphor and symbolism. The essays are smart, captivating and compelling. The combination of both poetry and prose creates a collection that is resonant and remarkable.
– Connie Post, Poet Laureate Emerita of Livermore California