Mentor Teacher

Andy has taught writing and literature classes at UC Davis since 1990. He is the former coordinator of the Computer Aided Instruction Program for the English Department and the University Writing Program, the Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program, and the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology. He has mentored faculty and teachers in Davis, Sacramento, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Nara, Japan. Andy has given scores of talks on excellence in teaching, and recently published an essay on teaching with Twitter. In 2011, he founded the Faculty Users of SmartSite group to encourage the sharing of approaches to teaching with technology at UC Davis. In 2012, he founded the DOLCE program, or Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education, as well as the Faculty Panels program, both supported by Academic Technology Services at UC Davis. In 2006, the Associated Students of the University of California at Davis named Dr. Andy the UC Davis Educator of the Year.

As Associated Academic Director of Academic Technology Services at UC Davis, Dr. Andy oversees the Faculty Support Unit, and regularly consults with faculty on instructional technology, online teaching, and student-centered teaching.