Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) administers a wide range of instructional improvement activities for the Davis campus. The Center provides teaching development opportunities for both faculty and graduate students and offers confidential teaching evaluation and consultation services for individual instructors and teaching assistants. The CETL also administers the Freshman Seminar Program and an array of UCD instructional improvement grants and fellowships.

Davis Honors Challenge
The mission of the Davis Honors Challenge is to enhance the undergraduate experience of highly-motivated students and to prepare them for the challenges they will face in business, professional, or academic careers. The Davis Honors Challenge accomplishes this mission by offering an academic program that encourages students to think critically, learn collaboratively, solve real-world problems by working in teams, improve oral and written communication skills, and develop new research skills. The Davis Honors Challenge also provides a full range of academic services to students in the program and promotes creative approaches to student learning and faculty development on the UC Davis campus. Since its inaugural year in 1996, over 3500 students have participated in this innovative program.

Department of English
The English department offers a wide range of courses–small and large, introductory and advanced, undergraduate and graduate.  All of our courses focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading, interpretation, and writing.  Ranging from Anglo-Saxon texts to works written in English across the globe today, from epic to film, graphic novels, and sound poetry, the English department courses cast a wide net in order to expand and deepen our understanding of what counts as “English literature.”

Graduate School of Management
With campuses in Northern California’s economic power centers, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management draws innovative and entrepreneurial students to a collaborative learning environment characterized by a rigorous curriculum taught by world-class faculty. It’s an exceptional MBA experience that is consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools.
The Graduate School of Management approach to teaching emphasizes the art of putting management theory into practice—turning ideas into action —within a dynamic, interactive learning environment, concentrating on the three pillars of the program: innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Technocultural Studies
The Program in Technocultural Studies (TCS), a new addition to the University of California at Davis, is based among the fine and performing arts, literature and cultural studies in the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, and is designed to be open to a diverse range of interests from across the campus. The Technocultural studies program concentrates on transdisciplinary approaches to artistic, cultural and scholarly production in contemporary media and digital arts, community media, and mutual concerns of the arts with the scientific and technological disciplines. In contrast to programs which see technology as the primary driving force, this program places questions of poetics, aesthetics, history, politics and the environment at the core of their mission. In other words, they emphasize the “culture” in Technoculture.

The University Writing Program
The University Writing Program promotes excellence in written communication among UC Davis students and faculty and emphasizes the importance of writing in the larger community. We help undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to master the writing skills they need to succeed as academics, professionals, and citizens.