Nameless Magazine

Nameless Magazine is a student-run publication aimed at creating and fostering a liberal arts community within the undergraduate population at UC Davis. The motto, “Anything That Tells a Story,” reinforces the idea that Nameless is a publication for all, dedicated to letting students share their stories, whether through poetry, prose or visual arts.

The idea behind the name is that the magazine represents someone you know or would like to know – Nameless seeks to break out of the mold of traditional publications and just produce a forum for creativity that possesses all the traits of a best friend: open, fun, helpful and readily accessible.

Nameless accepts submissions from all undergraduate writers and artists on the UC Davis campus. Unlike other publications, it focuses on forging relationships with other writers and artists rather than simply worrying about editorial and logistical details. Nameless intends to implement a new system for submissions, in which the writer or artist will receive personal feedback from the Editorial Board, the magazine’s current active staff. With the support of the UC Davis community, Nameless is more than just a magazine. It is a community of its own, complete with workshops, meetings and social outings.

Dr. Andy Jones has advised Nameless Magazine since its inception in 2007.